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Manufacturer & Exporter of :
Surface Coating Equipments, Powder Coating Plants and Liquid Painting Plants
Accessories, Material Handling Systems.
Turnkey solutions for all surface finishing needs.

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Material Handling

Material Handling Equipments - Free Track Trolley, Overhead Conveyor, Belt Conveyor, Auto Indexing


Material Handling - Free Track Trolley

For Most of the batch plants free track trolley system is preferred over a ground trolley. The overhead track runs through booth and oven. The articles are hanged on the load bars from free moving trolleys. The trolleys are to be pushed manually.

Branching of tracks is possible and the articles can be moved on the tracks selectively. Various load carring capacities are possible.

free track trolley

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Material Handling - Overhead Conveyor

overhead conveyor
The overhead conveyor manufactured by us is a Bi-Planer conveyor, has a chain pitch of 250 mm. Point load capacity of 60 Kg./point. Minimum vertical and hirizontal bend redius is 500 mm. Two types of drives are available - Sprocket type and Caterpiller type. Take up unit is provided for tensioning the chain after installation. Expansion joints are provided inside the Oven.
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Material Handling - Belt Conveyor

All types of belt conveyor for specialised application for different loads are manufactured by us.

e.g. Fun motor assembly conveyor & variable speeds, multistation stop & flow applications etc.
belt conveyor
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Material Handling - Auto Indexing
Auto Indexing
Various types of indexing arrangements can be provided in the painting / powder caoting zone.

90 degree, 180 degree or continuous rotation can be imparted to the article by stationary or motorised mechanisms.
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